Project Management


RAM Construction Mgmt offers years of combined experience with leading professionals servicing on all matters involving construction that challenges owners, contractors, engineers and architects to analyze construction projects, determine liability for increased cost, reduce labor productivity, delayed schedules and everyday complex challenges. The level of detail we deliver in our estimates provides our clients the ability to thoroughly understand and make cost-effective decisions through all design and construction phases.

Learn more about the scope and benefits of our consulting services:

  • Attend pre-bid and walk through meetings while guiding you through the claim presentation, negotiation and settlement process
  • Attend meetings, create detailed scope of work with you to review and analyze property damage
  • Take full advantage of our established relationships and negotiation skills to allow constructive communication on difficult claim issues
  • Introduce other internal or external specialist of claims (public adjusters) and legal services (retained attorney) for specific tasks
  • Take care of the permitting process with the respective municipality or city’s building department
  • Access to our extensive rolodex of authorized, certified, and licensed subcontractors to perform all necessary work
  •  Manage, inspect, and disperse payments to all subcontractors
  • Sign off on Master Permit and any related subcontractor work
  • Call in for Inspections, Meet with Municipality or City Inspectors, and be present for all trade inspections to guarantee a passing signature
  • Make sure you get a permit issued and then finalized with a Certificate of Occupancy
  • We are Certified and licensed General Contractors in the state of Florida
    And most importantly, we help make sure the bid is prepared on time and submitted correctly.
  • Then we can help you negotiate and buy out your projects with your subcontractors.

Our extensive knowledge of building construction and combined proficiency has made us one of the best resources for estimating and bidding in the construction industry today.